Past Testimonials

Joseph & Gretchen C. - Represented as Buyers and Sellers - Single Family Homes

"I'm 100% sure that without Nic, this experience would have been a nightmare. He went above and beyond! His experience and negotiating skills meant we had an incredible advocate in our corner. His grasp of contract law protected us from multiple landmines! He was very willing to explain the complexities of the entire process, was always available, and a joy to work with. He's the only broker I'll consider in the future."

Todd George - Represented as Buyer and Seller - Single Family Homes

"Nic was excellent through the selling and buying process. Good advice to sell quickly and at the price we wanted and very patient in helping me find a new home. He provided solid and honest advice/feedback throughout."

Julie G. - Represented as Buyer and Seller - Single Family Homes

"I enjoyed house selling and buying and he helped tone down my anxiety! He kept me calm and explained how it all works. Had fun laughing with him and felt comfortable telling him exactly how I felt every step of the way. Nic is the best agent I could have found!"

Joan McClenny - Represented as Sellers - Single Family Home

"Nic Bode is a fantastic real estate agent. He provided expert help with every step we took - from helping us make the decision to list our home, to pinpointing needed updates to get the greatest value out of it - and guiding us through the entire showing and selling process. He communicated clearly and followed through on everything we discussed. We appreciated his knowledge, professionalism and encouraging support."

Tanveer Khabra - Represented as Buyers - Single Family Homes

"Nic went above and beyond our expectations when it came to buying a home. He was extremely clear with us on every step of the process and his due diligence gave us complete confidence. While there are many moving parts with varying levels of complexity, Nic made it very simple, easy to understand and make informed decisions. I’d highly recommend Nic to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable professional to work with. We’ve worked with him on 2 purchases now and both times he has delivered!"

Rob Shannon - Represented as Buyers and Sellers - Single Family Homes

"Nic's numerous years in the real estate industry were invaluable in navigating the process, translating and guiding us through the twists and turns of our home sale and purchase."

Catherine Sullivan - Represented as Buyers and Sellers - Single Family Homes

"Nic is an excellent communicator and always available to answer questions no matter what time of day or night - weekdays or weekends. He knew exactly what we needed to do to get top dollar for selling our house, and was very helpful along the way to make sure we had everything we needed. Nic is equally as great in helping find a house. We have relied on him twice now, and we know we were successful in purchasing these two houses due to Nic’s ability to write a great offer."

Edward and Joan M. - Represented as Sellers - Single Family Home

Professional, knowledgeable, attention to detail, great communicator. Nic used to build custom homes so he knows about construction and about what buyers want. He was great at marketing and also gave good advice so we could focus our efforts in preparing our home for sale

Bernie and Ellen J. - Represented as Seller - Singe Family Home

"Nic helped us out tremendously with getting the best price for our home, very quickly! He was very organized all the way through the sale and always giving us updates on how things were progressing. This was a very emotional sale for us after being in our house so many years and because of Nic being on top of things he made it less stressful for us! We were very happy we worked with him!"

Brie Nakamura - Represented as Buyer - Single Family Home

"Nic was a pleasure to work. We had a challenging wish list and never dreamed we would be able to purchase in the current market. Due to his extensive knowledge of the local real estate market Nic found us the perfect house in our dream neighborhood. Due to his impressive negotiating skills we were able to purchase the home before it hit the market. With his guidance he also sold our previous home for well over asking. I am not sure another agent would have been able to assist us as well as Nic did. We would highly recommend him to anyone and are now his clients for life!"

Phyllis Knoll - Represented as Seller - Vacant Land

"Nic worked very hard for my sale. The property was unusual and the situation was difficult, made more so by the pandemic, but he found a buyer and negotiated terms that were favorable to me. I greatly appreciated his enthusiasm and willingness to work on such a challenging project."

Sprague Kolp - Represented as Buyer - Singe Family Home

"Nic is a true professional. He did everything in his power to make us feel comfortable and confident throughout the difficult process of buying a home in the hottest market in America during a pandemic. Above and beyond his knowledge of the area and the industry, it really was Nic's genuine care for the well being of our family that stuck out."

Tanveer and Kiran - Represented as Buyer - Condo

"Nic Bodé did an incredible job of staying persistent and finding us the perfect property. He went above and beyond once we went into contract and the level of detail he went to was unparalleled. He was very thorough with the due diligence of the property and unit, and made all of it very simple for us to understand. I am very detail oriented and Nic delivered beyond these expectations with even the smallest items. He was always available when needed, responded to questions promptly! Made the process smooth and easy. We are super happy with our experience and every part of the process was perfect."

Liwen and Changsheng - Represented as Buyer - Singe Family Home

"Nic is the best agent we engaged so far. He is very professional, frank, and stands by out side. He is patient with us an explained the transaction process effectively. We would use him again and refer hi to friends and family. We are very satisfied with his service."

Christine Heric - Represented as Seller - Singe Family Home

"We are repeat customers since Nic did an exemplary job helping us buy our house 10 years ago. That wasn't an easy purchase and Nic was tenacious about brokering a solid deal for us. When we needed to relocate to a new area we knew who the best realtor to call was! Nic did a superb job advising us on how to prepare our home for the market. He spent a lot of time explaining the process for pricing etc. Nic was quick to respond to our questions and concerns and was on hand to help us arrange furniture and prepare our property for pictures that showed all the best features of our home. It sold in just a few days for higher than our asking price thanks to his expertise! We highly recommend him whether you are buying or selling a home!"

Darren & Rachel Brown - Represented as Buyers - Single Family Home

"Nic Bode will forever be our real estate agent. No other agent can come close to his professionalism, promptness and ability to work with his clients to assist in achieving their goals and dreams. Nic has sold a home for us and supported us in our search for a new home. Even though the market was competitive and at times hopeless, Nic facilitated us in every step of the way. Working countless weekends and always keeping his clients in mind - We closed on our dream home in less than 30 days. Nic has the knowledge, insight and experience in the real estate industry that no other agent has offered. Nic goes above and beyond as he truly cares about the home his clients end up in and that's it's a right fit. I will be forever grateful to Nic as he found us the perfect home in the perfect location!! Sincerely, Darren & Rachael Brown"

Ron Borland - Represented as Buyers - Singe Family Home

"Nic was our agent in buying a home here in Washington. It was a difficult purchase due to a contingent sale of other property that moved with glacial slowness. Nic aided not only in keeping the sellers happy but also in moving the contingent property sale along. He gets highest marks from my wife and me."

Hunter Howell - Represented as Seller - Single Family Home

"Nic nailed it. Perfect price, perfect timing and perfect staging. We received 8 offers, 7 of which were over asking. Could not have asked for any better service and experience. If you want someone who will go above and beyond, Nic is your guy."

Linda A.- Represented as Buyer - Single Family Home

"Nic was recommended to me by my daughter and son-in-law. Nic was extremely helpful in finding my new home. He was with me every step of the way, very responsive, and definitely let me know that he was on MY team. Great guy!"

Mark Delbrueck - Represented as Buyer - Single Family Home

"Nic is an excellent advocate for buyers and sellers alike. Nic understands the Seattle market and realities, and works hard to construct the winning deal for his clients. We've appreciated working with Nic through our home buying journey and wouldn't hesitate to recommend to family and friends."

Brian Towne - Represented as Buyer - Vacation Home

"Nic was relentless in his pursuit of our family vacation home. We weren't the easiest clients but that didn't deter his commitment to finding the perfect home. He is extremely proactive and when he found the home that we purchased he was ready to negotiate on our behalf. There were multiple offers on the home, and the way Nic recommended and ultimately presented our offer was compelling enough that the sellers chose us, even though we didn't offer the most money."

Keith B. - Represented as Buyer - Condo

"Nic takes the high-stress task of buying and/or selling a home and makes it easy. I have bought and sold a home using Nic as my broker, and his level of professionalism, friendliness, expertise, and enthusiasm is astounding. Totally transparent, keeps you up to date consistently, and helps you make all the tough decisions. Upon meeting Nic, you will know that you can trust him and that he will always do the right thing with your best interests in mind. He's truly one of the good guys in an industry where they're hard to find. "

Bruce and Kari L.- Represented as Buyer - Single Family Home

"Nic Bodé was dedicated to finding the right second home for us. His primary focus is first and foremost our needs as a family. He was very generous with his time in helping us with this purchase, always available to find an answer to any question we had as well as meticulous and thorough with the details of buying a home. He is always honest which is appreciated and a true professional. We highly recommend Nic Bode as an outstanding agent. We are very happy with our vacation home. "

Stefan Szpajda - Represented as Seller - Singe Family Home

"Nic stood out for several reasons. First, his start-to-finish service. From the first call to past closing he was very responsive and knowledgeable, walking us through the complexities all first-time home buyers face. Second, as a former contractor he could credibly talk to us about building materials and other structural issues that affected the value of homes we looked at. Third, he took time to understand our priorities and leveraged his experience to guide us away from homes that only superficially met our needs. Fourth, he encouraged us to look ahead to what our mundane daily needs will be in several years--loading groceries without getting soaked, getting kids ready for school, etc.--to help make sure we didn't buy a home that works for us now but would fail to meet likely needs down the road. Finally, he seems to genuinely love what he does and his enthusiasm helps make a sometimes miserable process feel fun. In sum, excellent service and deep experience carried the day. I would gladly recommend him to a friend."

Jane Kim - Represented as Buyer - Singe Family Home

"My husband and I really enjoyed working with Nic. As we worked together, I could tell he had a firm understanding of what we were looking for. He was able to take our jumbled thoughts and ideas about how our home should be and make them concrete as he showed different houses to us. We ended up with our dream home!"

Clayton - Lease Inquiry

"I called Nic while I was looking for a property of a very specific type in mind. Instead of ignoring my request since he couldn't help me, he gave me some very useful information, and said he would get me in contact with some people he knows who can help even when he has nothing to gain by helping me. Good agent."

John - Owner of Windermere Skagit Valley

I wanted to pass on a quick note to let you know that one of your agents, Nic Bode, deserves a pat on the back for professionalism. Nic apparently has some clients that live or work in my neck of the woods and needed some assistance from my office staff. So often we end up dealing with confused and frustrated clients who are sent into our office by their agent with no advance warning to us or specific directions to the client. With Nic this hasn’t been the case. He had the courtesy to call us before sending his clients in and giving us the opportunity to make their life (and transaction) easier. Not only that, but Nic followed up with a handwritten thank you note that was VERY appreciated by Sally, our do-everything Receptionist. I hope all my agents show as much consideration as Nic has……thank him for me!

Matt Snook - Represented as Sellers - Single Family Homes

"Nic was instrumental in selling our home. His attention to detail, clear communication, and deep local market knowledge was consistent throughout the whole process. Beyond that, he always was willing to walk us through the process step-by-step, making sure we understood and had the right information to make the best-informed decisions. I really can’t say enough good things. He was always available. He provided great suggestions on things in our previous home that could be altered to help it sell and provide a good return on investment. He also helped us establish a timeline that worked for our busy schedules."